Lookaly has closed

October 2014

Dear Lookaly community,

As of Sunday October 26th 2014 we’ve taken the Lookaly website offline. None of the current website, including profile pages and reviews, will be accessible.

James and I started Lookaly in 2008 while at University. Back then we thought it was hard to find the best places in Northern Ireland for things like food, drink, entertainment and shopping. So we set out to change that and created a social review site that enabled people to rate and share their experiences.

Since then there have been many of these types of applications and they are great services. Yelp, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, Google, Facebook. It’s hard to compete with these players, and we always struggled to create a sustainable business model for Lookaly.

Over the past couple of years Lookaly has become little more than a side project that we struggle to dedicate time to, so we decided to close the business and take everything offline.

At our peak we had 40,000 active monthly visitors, 15,000 local businesses listed, 10,000 reviews, and even won a DANI award for our iPhone app. Creating Lookaly and building up a community was a lot of fun. Thanks for your support throughout the journey.

Lee Munroe, Co-Founder Lookaly

If you'd like to contact us about Lookaly, please email info@lookaly.com