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Babette's, Cafes in Bangor

  • 4.5/5 Stars
based on 4 reviews.

(028) 91 270 899

43 Main Street
County Down
BT20 5AF
Northern Ireland

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    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    My son took me there for a saturday lunch. He had raved about it so had to give it a go.

    I had a “Hound Dog” ,

    sausage, bacon,carmelised onion & melted cheese.

    That was some feed, I was struggling to finish it.

    my son had a “Lazy Sunday”

    Roast beef, carmelised onion, black pepper sauce and cheese on a toasted roll, it looked excellent ,I didnt get to try it, he wouldn’t let me.

    staff friendly and cheerful, place lovely and clean, food well presented with large fillings.

    After two large lattes we struggled out and went home for a sleep, didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day.

    I will definitely be recommending it

    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    As I usually stop, rest and eat at places such as Ground at Waterstones in Belfast I was quite pleasantly surprised to find a similar haven in Bangor.  Relaxing, comfortable, refreshing environment, managed by pleasant and accommodating staff made my first experience if Babettes very memorable.  This was even before I had tasted the food!  I decided to try my usual choice when elsewhere - chicken goujons in a wrap -healthier here tho with spinach wrap. Fantastic - taste was incredible and served with fresh side salad which I normally leave but couldn’t help myself from picking at it and eating.

    I wanted more and after overhearing the soup choice leak and potato, had to try it too! Creamy, rich and with added seeds made a perfect filler. 

    I had come this far so had to try a dessert :) who wouldn’t!  A lively slice of carrot cake topped everything off ! Yum!

    If only there was a Babettes in Belfast!

    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    As soon as we walked in we were greeted by very friendly and helpful staff.  The decor was coffee colours against a green wall with very comfortable seats.  The menu was the most innovative I have seen in a long time, with the sandwiches names being very clever.

    I started off with having the homemade chicken goujons, wrapped in a spinach wrap. It was the nicest food I had had in a very long time! After that I had the soup, leek a potato (my personal favourite) and the soup was utter perfection. A definite must to anyone visiting would be to always try the soups!

    There is a good buzz amongst cheerful customers and since all the food is made in house you know it is fresh.

    This is the only Cafe in Bangor that I have recommended to friends and made sure my partner got to sample the food there.

    I’m not sure why the other review only gave 3 stars when the review was so glowing!

    A must try eatery for everyone, you will always come back for more!

    • Currently 3/5 stars.


    This was my first visit to Babette’s following some good positive vibes about the place from friends on Twitter.

    I wasn’t disappointed. My daughter and I called in this afternoon and there was no shortage of seats. I had a bacon and cheese potato bake with a tasty Cajun sauce and coffee. Sophie had hot chocolate and crisps.

    Friendly helpful service, a nice fit out and tasty food. What’s not to like?

    We will definitely be back for the soup range which sounded very good.

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