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Cosmo, Restaurants in Belfast

  • 3.3/5 Stars
based on 8 reviews.

(028) 90 236 660

1 Victoria Square
County Antrim
Northern Ireland

Mon-Thu12pm - 10:30pm
Fri-Sat12pm - 11pm
Sun12pm - 9:30pm

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    Reviews for Cosmo, Belfast (8)

    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    Awful just awful.

    All the reviews so far have stated what kinds of food is served the different nationalities etc no point reiterating what the others have said in that respect.

    If like me you’re a plain eater this is not the place for you. I am very fussy not an avid fan of fancy food im the original cardboard Jane.

    After walking around for at least 10 minutes trying to find something id actually eat I decided on roast potatoes lamb, carrots and gravy how can anyone get that wrong?

    Ok spuds hard and cold, carrots didn’t taste like they’d been cooked were like rocks, the lamb tasted funny, i mean off funny and cold!, only part of the meal that was warm…....the plate!!

    Off I trot again for another 10 minutes trying to find something , some onion rings, a few chips, and cocktail sausages that tasted like rubber…once again the food cold but plate hot

    Deciding to give that a bye ball i progressed onto dessert, heading towards the ice cream section the smell of sewerage would have knocked a cow dead. I swear it was coming from the water dish thing the ice cream scoops was in, several times i bent down to smell as this may well have been the culprit, not convinced it wasnt i passed on that too..

    Heading towards what was left in the chocolate fountain i thought aha! give that a go. A kid stood with marshmallows licking them, going for a dip in the fountain licking them again and so on…

    Looking around for a member of staff one was found..could he speak English? hells no i may as well spoke tellytubby language as he didn’t have a clue what I was on about..

    Another thing too the cutlery is the most bizarrest shape ive ever come across, couldn’t hold them properly as the stupid fork kept slipping out of our hands whats that all about? this to encourage people to vacate the seats quicker than the 1hr 30m allocated time slot! The sewerage smell had that effect didn’t need dodgy forks

    My husband is custom made for these all you can eat restaurants as he really believes in getting value for his money but surprise surprise he only eat a very small portion as to quote ‘this is effing disgusting’ words that’s coming from a man who has dined on ostrich burgers, emu burgers, crocodile steaks, swordfish and dolphin! I was appalled and hoped Flipper would come exalting revenge. So as you can tell he really would eat anything gives it all a go, except for the food in The Cosmo most certainly never got his seal of approval..It had to be bad!

    Our visit is a once only and never to be repeated if you want poisoned by sewer fumes, eat cold food with alien designed cutlery, have some kids saliva dripping into melted chocolate then the Cosmo it is, but if edible food with friendly staff who don’t wear ear pieces or work on auto pilot unable to crack a smile, then i suggest you try the All You Can Eat Chinese at Yorkgate , they cater for everyone s tastes especially people like me who are guaranteed to have an enjoyable meal no time limit either..

    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    I went to Cosmos a while back with a few friends and i loved it! When I first arrived at Cosmos I was a little dissapointed at the que, there was a small space and in that small space everyone was packed in it. i was sittil there for almost fourty minutes. eventually i was told to follow a worker upstairs to my seat.

    Their was a cup for each of us at our table and we could go up and help ourselves to whatever drinks we wanted;you could also get alcohol for an additional price. our plates were brought over and right away we went up and chose are food as we were starving. We went up and chose diffrent types of Chinese dishes. it was lovely! im not a big fan of Chinese though and when i went up to top upn on food i was dissapointed when i soon realised there was italian, sushi, mexican and other foods i would have prefered.

    i got a few dishes from the italian section and had no complaints whatsoever.

    we moved on to are deserts,i was so excited over this. We got up to get our dessert and i couldnt beleive my eyes. there was every type of desert yoy could ask for; Jelly, Ice Cream, Cakes, Buns, Muffins, Trifle, candy and even a chocolate fountain.

    When we all finished our Deserts and drinks we were soon rushed out of the Restaurant. Overall Cosmos is a lovely place to eat and would be alot more enjoyable if you went at a less busy time!

    I would certainly recomend Cosmos to anyone as there are many Choices of food everyone will love.

    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    Love this place. Shame you get rushed out so quickly. The food is great and the choice is INSANE. I can’t wait to go back.

    Thank you!

    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    If you believe quantity with a little quality then this is the place for you.

    A very extensive range of foods in the buffet sections best to choose dishes from the cooking stations where a chef will prepare the food for you, but i believe this is not available until evenings and weekends. Best to book over the internet, don’t even try and ring as they will not answer. Waiting staff/dish collectors are friendly.

    You will not go wrong if you understand that Cosmos business model is to cram as many customer in as possible in, let them gorge themselves for 1:45 mins max and clear then quickly clear a space for the next customer so it is not a place for a romantic meal and outstanding personal customer service rather a place to satisfy the gluttonous needs most of the people there.

    Generally clean although floor a bit dodgy when wearing high heels.

    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    all i can say is outstanding if u have not been go me and the family love it

    • Currently 2/5 stars.


    I’ll start by saying our trip here was a treat from some friends, so we aren’t ungrateful.

    However, our friends booked online and they didn’t have the booking. Fortunately we had proof, so it wasn’t a problem. The entrance hall was PACKED so we had terrible trouble getting through with our pram, and also getting into the lift.

    This place is HUGE. I would imagine it is what a all-inclusive cruise or hotel restaraunt looks like. The staff are not there for any reason but to show you to your seat, explain, in very plain terms, th emenu, and to slop out your empty plates.

    On the face of it, £12.99 all you can eat seems great value, but a few drinks later it really isn’t any better than most other Vic Sq places.

    The food.

    An extraordinary selection of dishes, Indian, Chinese, Japanese (a laughable Italian section), mexican, puddings and bottomless £2.20 soft drinks. The food is, however, pretty average, most of my chicken dishes were poor quality meat, and it was the spiciest Korma i’ve ever had.

    Puddings were ok, good selection too.

    You have a sign on your table saying when to vacate the table, so, in conclusion, if you want to fill up fast and fairly cheap, go here.

    The toilets by the way, were pretty awful, the ‘check cleanliness’ sign sheet on the wall was from the week before. It showed.

    If you want a dining experience, go ANYWHERE else. It fast, noisy, hectic, impersonal and your are surrounded my people embracing the idea of all you can. Until you can’t stand.

    If you want to gorge, this is your place. I don’t think i’d be going back. Its not set up for babies or children in any way.

    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    There is 1 hour and half time limit(They won’t tell you until you arrived). Plenty of food with poor quality. Bad-attitude staff. They will make you to queue for 20-30minutes for the live-cooking slightly-expensive kind of food. Dining experience is awful!!! Will never go again!!

    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    Cosmo is a new restaurant recently opened in Victoria Square.  It offers buffet style Asian, Italian & Mexican Food.  Really enjoyed the food here, plenty of choice and food is replenished on a frequent basis.  The restaurant is lovely and clean and staff are friendly.  Desserts are gorgeous and fresh also.  Only note I would make is that my daughter is a really plain eater and it was really hard to get something that she liked, there was no plain pasta or boiled rice, however she did make up with it with the desserts.  I would recommend definitely.

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