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The Dark Horse, Cafes in Belfast

  • 4.7/5 Stars
based on 7 reviews.
The Dark Horse

(028) 90 237 807

Hildon House
30-34 Hill Street

County Antrim
Northern Ireland

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    The Dark Horse
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    This has to be the best coffee house in belfast for a light lunch.You are transported back in time as you sit in this fantastic place and enjoy high quality food for rock bottom prices. I had a smoked salmon open sandwich on wheaten bread and an americano all for under £8, with great service. Thanks to all the staff for the ‘best lunch time experience’ I have ever had in Belfast. I’II BE BACK!

    The Dark Horse
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    For such a lavish place, the prices are fantastic!

    The Dark Horse
    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    Why you should go:

    1. 2 delicious pesto paninis with salad, 3 pots of tea, sparkling water all for £16

    2. Unbeatable prices, friendly service, gentlemen’s club decor, and a very interesting loo!

    3. Perfectly located in the Cathedral Quarter.

    The Dark Horse
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    Spoil yourself in town and have lunch for next to nothing in fabulous surroundings - the most gorgeous and fresh seafood chowder with two pieces of wheaten bread for around £2.50!!  Love the fact that the place is so quiet on a Saturday - hopefully this review won’t entice too many people to ruin the peace!!!

    The Dark Horse
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    Excellent quality coffee - among the very best around.

    Better still, prices are very, very reasonable.

    The Dark Horse
    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    Went there on Saturday night - had never seen it before.  Was greeted at the door by a man who told us about the place and that they were able to order us drinks from the Duke of York.  We sat down, got our order taken right away and within 5 minutes we had our drinks.  We sat there all night - the atmosphee was great - well lit up, plenty of seats, great space, could hear each other talk great for a wet and miserably night out as you didnt have to move an inch to do anything - would definatly recommend this place to anyone

    The Dark Horse
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    One of the most fantastically decorated coffee places I have ever been to. Everything from the copper tables to the mis-matched chairs and the old fashioned til behind the counter speaks “elegance”. I am far from a coffee expert, but I have heard that it is of a particularly superior standard to most other places in Belfast. I usually have a steamer with chocolate syrup, which is fab, or a traditional Japanese green tea from their wide selection of herbals.

    On top of that, the staff are usually very friendly and chatty, and the food is excellent value for money - about £3.50 for a really nice sandwich.

    I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail that they go to, from the velvet ribbon around the menus, the Molton Brown handwash & lotion in the toilets, to the bottles that they serve the tap-water in. I usually order a bottle of tap-water now just to impress my guests when it arrives- let you in on a wee trade secret there ;-). Hoping to find that something like this exists in Chester!

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