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Dobbies, Garden Centres in Lisburn

  • 3.6/5 Stars
based on 7 reviews.

(028) 92 626 960

Saintfield Road
County Antrim
BT27 5PG
Northern Ireland

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    Reviews for Dobbies, Lisburn (7)

    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    In October 2013 I purchased a water fountain feature from dobbies aquatics.The pump stopped working approx. 6 weeks ago and I only got round to ringing the store two days ago. I spoke to a female member off staff called Jackie who was very helpful and friendly. She advised me to return the item and I would receive a full refund. I did this on 29th jan.2014 and Jackie arranged a full refund as there was no fountains the same as the one I was leaving back. I found her to be very helpful and caring in her dealings with me and she is an asset to the store. I will definitely be returning to the store to shop again as a result of the help she provided and the pleasant and efficient way she dealt with the sale

    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    Visited Dobbies in Lisburn for the first time last Thursday and was not disappointed - fabulous store and lovely staff. Have a brilliant restaurant and bakery. Beautiful store - picked up lots of gifts for Christmas! So convenient to commute to.

    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    I visited the store and was very impressed, no problems getting in and parked. Food was good and the layout excellent. There were a few issues, i bought a plant which when taken to the pay area had no bar code so had to srand around and wait until it was priced but the lady was very pleasant.

    I called at the tropical fish area and the guy there with the beard was very helpful and knew his stuff on fish of all types, only problem was the tank which we bought later in another store in Lisburn who also sell fish was £20 cheaper than Dobbies.

    I will go back, it’s clean and tidy and i see they offer employment to people from Stepping Stones, no bad thing.

    Until i read the reviews i was unaware it was owned by Tesco, you learn something everyday.  Good to see it in Lisburn and hope it get supported.

    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    Hmm - some mixed reviews here.  I notice that “The Glutton” has made almost exactly the same negative post on money saving expert - I wonder if he’s closely involved with some local small garden centres afraid of new competition from Dobbies?  He says that he can find 2L Skimmia Rubella for £6.99 - if that’s true, I’d love to know where (he doesn’t say).  A quick search on Google tells me that the average price for that variety in that size seems to be £14.99 - which is what Dobbies sell theirs for.

    The farm foodhall goes out of its way to source produce locally (where possible) and the quality of the food in the restaurant is significantly well above the standard fayre found in local competitor garden centres.

    My view?  Don’t trust reviews from anonymous people with a questionable vested interest.  Take a trip to Dobbies Lisburn and find out for yourself.

    • Currently 3/5 stars.


    Excellent variety of plants available which is lacking in some garden centres I’ve visited recently. May be slightly more expensive than others but variety and choice of plant compensates for this. Excellent range of garden accessories and gifts in shop. Though do agree with other review that peanuts for birds are seriously over priced. The coffee shop was extremely busy but staff cleared tables quickly and cleanly.  It’s worth a visit if only to check out the toilets - wanted to take a photo but had company

    • Currently 3/5 stars.


    In response to the glutton i feel you must have had an off day.  When i visited i checked out the issues you had regarding prices and noticed that while some items were indeed more expensive than other garden centres/ diy stores there were equally as many cheaper than some of these larger shops.  Also, i witnessed a number of staff dead heading plants and checking on cyclamen plants at the front door as i went in. In addition, i am very much a “foodie” and visited the restaurant and to be honest the price wasnt bad considering the size of the portions and the young girl who served me (Rachael - i think i didnt have the old spectacles on ) was very friendly and polite and more than happy to help me out.  Furthermore, when i went around the farm foodhall i was along your line of thinking but decided to ask one of the ladies behind the deli - a bubbly older lady if i could possibly speak to her manager.  I asked why they did not support local produce and was very much surprised when the foodhall manager took the time out to identify the local products within the shop ( over 30 before i finally gave up counting) something i cant see happening in a normal Tesco.  In all the staff were very helpful and encourage my input which i felt was a very good selling point for myself anyway as it is much better than some of the ill-mannered and unfriendly staff in some of the smaller shops in Lisburn, and I certainly will be returning - if anything, for a few goodies for Christmas presents.  I would recommend anyone to give it a try yes it may be owned by Tesco but it is as far from Tesco as you can get.  Well done and welcome to Lisburn.

    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    OK this rating might come as a suprise to some but as an enthusiastic gardener and a regular to many garden centres up and down the country I have got to say Dobbies came as a huge letdown. Yes its a huge modern centre catering for practically everthing but lets look a bit closer. Upon arrival through hoards of traffic trying to get in we entered what seemed an impressive shiny new store, at the door was a table of Shrubs (skimmia rubella) Buy One Get One Free, seemed great untill I looked at the price, £14,99 Anywhere else they would cost around £6.99 for the same size. my first port of call was straight to the plant area, what a huge dissapointment, over 8million pounds spent on the place and the most important part of the centre was no better laid out than your average B&Q and I must say the plants didnt fair much better either, most of the roses were full of blackspot, the over priced rhododendrens were a poor shape, the fruit bushes were tiny, the general shrub selection was rather poor compared to other centres and the winter pansies and viola 6packs were over stretched and the most expensive Ive come across (£3.49) even at 3 packs for a tenner they were still the dearest Ive ever saw. I was looking for a particular plant so I asked a gentleman who worked there, he obviously had no idea what I was talking about and although pleasant enough wasnt very helpful. I strolled over to the compost area and was amazed at the prices, one particular one that really caught my eye was the Westland multi purpose 120lt, they were looking £9.49 for a bag, A week previous I had purchased the exact same compost from my local centre for £6.99 and they havent even the same buying power. I took a look around the garden sundries and suprise suprise over inflated prices, basic things like miracle gro was at least £1 more than other places, everything was so expensive to the point it was ridiculous, I couldnt believe my eyes when I came across the peanuts for birds in a 20KG bag, they were looking £45…...I had to blink my eyes, I pay around the £30 mark for a bigger 25KG bag of premium peanuts, even a bag of burning logs was a complete rip off at a whopping £7.99 when i can buy a bigger bag for £2.99. I also took great issue with their ‘farm foodhall’ by using the word farm you think of farm shop and local produce, apart from the butchery which is Primacy meats (a north down based butchers who rear their own produce) and bakery (baked instore with ingredients sourced outside of NI) most of the fayre was not local and in fact shipped in from England, Scotland and even the USA, even the packs of eggs were from England but then again when it comes to sourcing local they ignore all the great producers here and that includes all their plants with the exception of some bedding, The restaurant did look fairly impressive but after taking a look at the prices (£1.59 for a single scone) we decided to lunch elsewhere. If you want to pay way over the odds for just about everything and get a very limited service when it comes to gardening advice then this place is for you, Ill stick to our own independent Garden Centres where most of them have a wealth of knowledge and great service and you can get some great deals from. Dobbies is just another sterile multiple owned by Tesco and lack any character… be fair though they had fantastic toilet facilities but Ill not be returning.

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