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Dundonald Omniplex, Cinemas in Belfast

  • 4.1/5 Stars
based on 14 reviews.

Cinema listings for Dundonald Omniplex, Belfast

Poster for The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars11:30    14:20    17:20    20:20
Poster for MaleficentMaleficent11:30    13:40    16:00
Poster for Rio 2Rio 211:30
Poster for Postman Pat: The MoviePostman Pat: The Movie11:30

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Reviews for Dundonald Omniplex, Belfast (14)

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 2/5 stars.


I have been to the Ominplex but don’t know if I will be backl because of the excessive sound.  Fortunately it was a fairly quiet movie otherwise I would have had to leave. Can anyone tell me why it has to be so loud?

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


I think this is one of the nicest cinemas in the greater Belfast area. The seats are comfortable, the vision & sound are great in every theatre, and the toilets are just that bit better than what you’d expect in a cinema.

The only downside is the somewhat small selection of drinks & snacks at the food counter. Still it’s our favourite cinema to go to, also because parking is free and right in front of it, and there’s a number of great restaurants to visit before or after the movie.

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 5/5 stars.


i love ice skating here!!!!xxxx

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 3/5 stars.


This is a real first class cinema, clean etc. Only down side is make sure and wear lots of clothes. The screens are absolutely freezing making it uncomfortable to sit. They seem to turn on cold air at times… like sitting in an ice cube.

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


First time I went here I was a bit disappointed as the cinema was cold and we had to leave but I was sent two free passes and we gave it another try. Great modern Cinema with a Family atmosphere!! Well Done Omniplex!

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


Clean, comfortable, great screen, everything that a modern cinema should be.

Visited at off-peak time so don’t know what busy periods would be like.

One star taken off because ticket collection machines were not working at time of arrival.

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


Good cinema. Just a pity where it is. Not bad prices, free parking and a choice of places (not in the cinema) to have food before hand. Be warned though - it can get very busy in the restaurants around the cinema so leave yourslef plenty of time or you could miss the show.

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 5/5 stars.


The sound in this place is fantastic, seats are comfortable and staff are friendly and helpful. What more do you need?

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 2/5 stars.


after reading reviews on this site I expected better. As with all cinemas food and drink overpriced. The place also seems to attract a lot of unsavoury characters in their tracksuits.

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 5/5 stars.


good cinema, VIP seats good. Free parking and good choice of food places to eat beforehand

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


Been here a few times very clean and comfortable. Plus the screen and sound quality is v v good.

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 5/5 stars.


A nice clean and comfortable cinema. Never big queues and staff are very friendly and helpful

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 5/5 stars.


What a lovely place! :)  Really clean comfortable cinema!!

Slightly pricey, but most cinemas are these days! I would rather pay a bit more for this cinema as it is well kept, has friendly staff and offers a refreshing experience!

Located close to Dundonald Ice Bowl, there is a lot around for making a day of it, or an evening!

As “sgibson” has already said, a free car park out front is always a nice bonus!

There are now more additions to the complex, the first being Gaze (chinese, japanese food etc) and the second, being Blue Chicago Grill that follows the style of an American diner.

Dundonald Omniplex
  • Currently 5/5 stars.


Disclaimer: my brother-in-law is assistant manager in the cinema, so I have not commented on quality of staff, but everything else is said without prejudice.

The Dundonald Omniplex is an excellent choice for anyone who cares about the quality of their cinema experience. It is the first all digital cinema in Ireland and the picture and sound quality is far and above any other cinema I have been too. With no film grain or scratches and 2k projection, the visual experience is beyond compare. Coupled with excellent digital surround and the ability to show Real 3D features, it is now my cinema of choice.

(Please note, one screen is still film based as some movies are still not delivered in digital form. On our visit, this was noted with signage at the box office)

The seats are very comfortable with good leg room (and the ability to raise the arm rests should you with to be more, eh, intimate with your companion). The foyer is clean and well appointed as are the toilets (which feature Dyson Airblades for extra geeky points).

Prices are in line with the competition (around £6 a ticket for peak hours, £4.50 for matinee showings), but this is tempered by free car parking on site. Concessions are as expensive as you are probably already used to.

Currently, there is one restaurant within the complex (Wolfie’s), but I have it on good authority that this will be expanding to include other options soon, making this a good location for an evening out.

I heartily recommend Dundonald Omniplex for at least one showing to see if the projection quality justifies any extra travel you may have to make from your regular haunt. For me, it is well worth the travel time from Bangor.

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