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Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


really nice place, good drinks, nice people

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 3/5 stars.


My first visit this evening after planning to go for ages!! Heard lots of good reports.

Staff were friendly but slightly vacant, particularly the barmen who just stared at us when we arrived but didn’t say hello until prompted. Clean with the exception of an aged chip under the table!!

The decor is stunningly unremarkable, all brown faux leather and beige’s, looked like a Next show home, but that is par for the course these days.

We just went for one course (thrifty folk we are!) - I had the Sausages & Champ and my wife had the Risotto.

The food came pretty quickly, and was nicely and un-fussily presented. Sausages were tasty and filling as was the risotto.

No complaints really. .

The biggest shock is arriving early evening to an empty bar area, and leaving 1 hour later to loads of leering half-drunk men. But I guess its just the overspill from the less than charming Point.

One comment i have to make is the chairs, most of them were low sided armchairs, and they were very narrow. I would assume anyone who isn’t a 20 year old stick insect, or even like us, a 39yr old averagely slim male or my 28yr old pregnant wife, would feel pretty wedged in. I did notice some other people looking a bit uncomfortable in their chars. A potential case of enormous embarrassment to some folks.

£24 for two mains two soft drinks and one coffee still feels a bit steep but now I’m just griping because of my age!!

I would recommend for posh pub grub, but probably better if you are in a group, or if you go at lunch when its more business people. It is, after all, just an upmarket Weatherspoons.

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 3/5 stars.


Have been a couple of times for a few drinks as it’s nearby.Great if you are scared of venturing further afield into big bad Belfast,but can’t say it bowled me over.

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 3/5 stars.


Horatio Todd’s is an establishment which appeals to differing tastes: You can go for a meal in the restaurant; or find a comfy sofa, provided they’re not all taken; or stand at the bar, which, last night was like a jungle!

Sorry, I was out of my comfort zone in Horatio’s last night, didn’t appreciate standing all night, with demi-drunk revellers bumping into me; very loud music later on; taking ages to buy a drink (not the fault of staff - just very busy).

It must be my age!

PS the grub was good, though I could have done with a larger piece of duck, which was small (and I have not got a massive appetite). I’d finished the duck, with soggy skin (not crispy) long before the rest of the veg.

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 3/5 stars.


My wife tells me it smells like wet mops. However… It’s a nice place to be. Well, on week nights and on sat/sun afternoons.

On a weekend night it’s a bit of a mid life crisis. This can be positive if you are 40 and divorced/40 and unfaithful or don’t venture in to town much.

Bar staff, at times think the they are actually working in a New York venue.

Otherwise it’s a nice looking place with soft seats

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 5/5 stars.


i have been several times and it is excellent .The food is always fresh and cooked perfectly .

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


Went last night for the mother in laws birthday.

Service was prompt, food was BEAUTIFUL (I had the ham on a bed of champ with caramalised onion) but it was very noisey in the dining area.

Dessert was gorgeous too (Bannoffee).

Overall very very good but having to almost shout to hear each other is bad craic!

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 3/5 stars.


We have been to Horatio Todds on several different occasions but were let down slightly by the latest visit.

Our Squid rings were delicious for starters - as was our Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert, but unfortunately the two steaks we ordered were somewhat disappointing.

Both steaks were ordered Medium, but they arrived very well done - there was no problem with getting new steaks, however the second set of steaks were also Very well done.

Disappointed, we ate the steaks anyway - tasted good but the Chefs should really know how to cook steak properly, we weren’t just being picky!

Service however is excellent and the place is spotless, and very reasonably priced particularly the 2 courses for £12.95

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


Very tasty food. Clean surroundings. Excellent service and very welcoming…

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


I have been a few times. It can be slightly noisy, but there is a good atmosphere.

The food is usually excellent. On one visit I had fish that was undercooked for my liking - I have been back since and everything was great.

The prices are very affordable but you’re probably safer to book in advance.

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 5/5 stars.


Ok, I can’t comment on the food, but I can definitely comment on the cocktails. The choice is huge and the prices are suprisingly good. Paired with comfy leather seats and excellent live music and I’m was a happily sozzled camper :)

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 4/5 stars.


Took my mother-in-law today for her birthday and really enjoyed everything. I had the mussels to start with which were just excellent followed by a very tasty chicken tempura.

Service was very good apart from a slightly long time waiting for the bill. Everything was brought quickly and correctly and was exceptionally tasty.

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 1/5 stars.


Was really looking forward to going to Horatio Todds for dinner with friends on Saturday night - but definitely won’t be going back.

Having waited 4 weeks to get a table on a Saturday night it certainly did not live up to expectations.

To start with when shown to our table it wasn’t set. We then ordered a drink and the service wasn’t exactly prompt

The menu looked good though and whilst my friends duck starters were deemed tasty - the steaks were poor and did not come as ordered. My seabass was bland and the side order of seasonal vegetables was pure mush - the chips were equally poor.

Worst of all was the noise in the dining area - we could not hear ourselves never mind each other. So after the mains we settled the bill and exited as quickly as possible vowing never to return.

Horatio Todd's
  • Currently 1/5 stars.


Took my mum this lunchtime for some food and we were both extremely disappointed for a number of reasons.

- Tried to sit us at a table across the back window where we would have been closer to the people at the next table than we were to each other. We had no desire to have our conversation heard by the tables next to so asked to move.

- My chips were not cooked through and I had to send them back. Came back properly cooked but whatever oil they used or potatoes they used, meant that the chips were still of very poor quality. Not nice…even my mum thought they weren’t good and she hates complaining. Basic mistake!

- My mums potato wedges were way over cooked and had obviously been left under hot plates for ages because they were soggy in the middle.

- My mum’s vegetables were so overcooked they were almost mush. Looked very poor and tasted worse. Obviously been made in a bit pot and just kept hot rather than making any fresh batches at any point.

- Chicken Tempura were more like chicken goujons as the batter was way too thick. They were ok and tasted fine (although I didn’t taste any ginger in the batter which it was supposed to be flavoured with). its just they were NOT tempura as that is supposed to be a very light batter.

- My americano coffee was very bitter, just not good coffee….my mum’s latte was filled up with COLD milk and was undrinkable but by this stage we were so disappointed we just got up and went elsewhere for a cup of coffee.

- WHen I went to the ladies, I mistakeningly went thorugh the doors for the baby changing instead of the toilets. And the state of the place out there was a HORROR…incredably untidy, storeroom type area looked dirty and messy. Didn’t see where you would change a baby but no way would I change a baby when I had to walk through that area. Absolutely appalling. If I would have known about that I would NEVER have ordered food.

Oh yeah…and our little green salad on the side of the plate had no dressing….and our coffees didnt come with a wee biscuit or chocolate…

Ok so the last 2 points are very minor but with everything else…ho hum..

As I said real shame as there is a need for a place with this sort of a menu in Ballyhack and I would have used frequently. But if you can’t do the basics right…

On a plus the staff were friendly….such a shame overall though…

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406 Upper Newtownards Road
County Antrim
Northern Ireland

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