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Maryville House Tea Rooms, Cafes in Belfast

  • 3.5/5 Stars
based on 15 reviews.
Maryville House Tea Rooms

(028) 90 681 510

2 Maryville Park

County Antrim
Northern Ireland

Mon-Sat9am - 5pm
Sun10am - 4pm

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    Reviews for Maryville House Tea Rooms, Belfast (15)

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 2/5 stars.


    This is a beautifully decorated place with an ambient tearoom. I have only ever had coffee/tea/scones here which were fine.

    While I have no specific complaints I do sympathise with other reviewers’ comments on organisation, staff and service attitudes = overall impression is one of silent sighs and that the whole thing is too much for them. It feels like an experimental venture on owner’s part and surprising that it’s still going.

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    I called today for lunch, and was seated and given menus.  More that half an hour passed, and I had not been approached again by any staff, although they entered the room to serve other customers.  I went to the counter to return the menus and say that I could not wait any longer to have an order taken.  The member of staff apologised, but said that they understood I was waiting for someone.  At no time had I indicated this, nor had staff checked if it was the case. I left disappointed and hungry, and I would advise anyone eating alone to steer clear!

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    My husband and I stayed here for one night recently.  We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find such a delightfully stylish and very different type of accommodation. The eclectic decor was impressive with many beautiful artifacts - all complimenting each other.

    The rooms were beautiful, clean, comfortable and very restful.

    The breakfast was marvellous and very well presented. 

    Lovely muffin/scones left out at night if we were peckish.

    We entertained a friend to afternoon tea which was delightful and delicious - except for one thing - there was no tablecloth!  It’s not afternoon tea without a tablecloth.

    We heard no traffic noise although we were near a busy road.

    There are not many points on which to complain although one of the staff did look very bored next morning and as if she would rather be somewhere else - so would lots of other people (they would love her job) The other staff were courteous and efficient. Maybe a revision of staff training? 

    Lisburn Road has some wonderful shops/cafes/resturants and is lively and busy and has a very good bus transport system to the city centre. 

    Maryville House and the experience that goes with it is certainly good value for money.

    I would be happy to recommend it - in fact I already have, to someone who intends to take a friend there for afternoon tea.

    Our guest at afternoon tea also intends to go there with a friend.

    We left refreshed and uplifted.

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    Personable, caring staff always on hand with a warm welcome and a smile. Delicious food and refreshments with a wonderful selection from traditional Irish to worldly produce. Chic rooms with a great balance between cosiness, comfort, cleanliness and style. Intricate touches to a fantastic building make this the perfect stay. Would strongly recommend visitors of Belfast to stay here. Check out Alan’s Black Taxi Tour too – there are flyers by the door of this homely, well located B&B. Enjoy!

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    My sister & I had booked this as a treat for my parents but their experience was an absolute joke which makes me so angry because it was their 30th wedding anniversary present from us. Maryville House SHOULD NOT FUNCTION as a “Boutique bed & breakfast”. On arrival my parents were not greeted or even asked their name but instead shown to a pokey attic room where you could bearly swing a cat. On either side of their room was two vacant large double rooms. They did not receive the supposed complimentary tea/coffee, scones or traybakes on arrival and were asked to pay when they ordered these. The atmosphere was very tense and strained and they observed other guests complaining which is not a good impression. The staff were very friendly but too young to resolve any problem and were restricted and had little authority as to what they could do to accomodate people better. For instance, 3 men from Southern Ireland asked for a top up of coffee and were told “Maryville don’t do top-ups” yet you pay £80.00 per night per room. My parents arrived for breakfast in the morning but there was no table set. It seems that the B&B and tearooms are not distinguised and the overnight guests were not treated any differently from the public who simply walk in from the street. There were no plates, cutlery, glasses, cereal or orange juice. The china tea cups were also cracked which harbours germs and the cups were brown stained. There was very little organisation.  I would most definitely NOT RECOMMEND this place. There was no hot water or heat and my father could not even shave. There was no night time staff presence or supervision - what happens if there is a emergency? Judge for yourselves, an absolute disgrace.

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 2/5 stars.


    This is the second time i’ve been here, after the first time i wanted to give it another shot but i’m a bit disappointed thus far.

    I love the idea/theme of the tea rooms but the service lets them down. We ordered two salads today which took over 20mins to arrive. I wouldn’t have minded if it was busy but there were only a few people there.

    As well as that it was a bit scant on the ingredients in the salad. thought i was just being fussy but looking at my friend’s who had ordered the same salad, they had a more substantial salad. Not worth the £7.

    The rest of the food looked ok, but i think in future i’ll be sticking to the tea and traybakes. It’s expensive for what you get and there’s plenty of other places to go around that area that has a better atmosphere.

    In sum: nothing special which is disappointing. I wanted to love it.

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    I visited the tea rooms yesterday with 4 friends. I find it hard to believe how anyone could find fault with it

    The whole experience was superb.Very good service,ambience excellent.Was there a couple of hours and could have been there yet!!!.

    Most importantly The food & coffee was perfect.I’ve been in the Culinary business all my life (27 years),and I Think I Know what I’m talking about.I will be back again(several more times I Imagine). Keep up The good work.

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    This is my favourite cafe in Belfast. I went there on Saturday and the staff and food were all exceptional. It’s nice to visit a coffee shop and feel that your custom is valued and that is the case in Maryville. The staff will soon recognise you if you have been before and are always friendly with a little chit-chat without imposing on you.  It just somewhere a little different and more upmarket than all your general run of the mill coffee shop. I love to see what cup and saucer combination I’m going to get with my tea. I’ll be back next Weekend.  I would highly recommend Maryville Tea Rooms.

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 2/5 stars.


    Found staff very rude, almost felt like I was talked down to. Cafe was cold. Not going to be rushing back anytime soon! May be something different from mainstream coffee shops, but at least elsewhere staff are friendly and helpful!

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 2/5 stars.


    I was highly unimpressed with the service of the staff, asked for a scone to be heated, waited 15 minutes and it came back cold. The place has potential but had light bulbs missing and electric heaters in every corner. Staff extremely rude- I will not be back!

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    Kudos to a good idea for Belfast. Reasonably priced, spacious and quick service. Good place to stop off on the Lisburn road away from the drab square box rooms serving standard fry & teas, Coffees

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    I stayed in one of Maryville House B&B Room’s, to me it is the little things that make a difference and Maryville did this! Complemantry mineral water in room, in addition to use of i pod dock, alarm clock, hair dryer just lovely suprises for a B&B to provide all of this and for the price the surroundings were lovely, all is fresh but in keeping with charter of house, room and bedding was clean and new lovely huge fluffy towels, lush bathroom condiments, way more than i expected for the price or from a B&B, the location is great and the car park to me appreard secure, a lovely night stay and the Breakfast was lovely I was able to choose anything from the Breakfast Menu, I found this great instead usual fry, I opted for Swedish Waffles with Bacon and Syrup and some of their lovelt tea, as I was staying in a Tea House was great to indulge, the staff really knew their tea’s!

    To anyine I reccomed you visit Maryville I was thourghely impressed :o)

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    Amazing place. From the location to the the decor, staff and food. Amazing range of teas/coffees and home made cakes and scones. Great place to relax with friendly staff who cannot do enough to aid your visit. Will visit again and again.

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    Beautiful surroundings old fashioned china and antiques really lovely ambiance. However my coffee didnt come after asking twice and cake very dry. But Ill be back and am puyying it down to a learning curve, only open. I did tell the girl the cake was dry staff very pleasant. Prices very high though I dont mind paying more for good food and nice surroundings but 7.95 for a chicken chowder albeit the best ever was steep, esp as no bread. I wish them the best and will return

    Maryville House Tea Rooms
    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    Lovely surroundings, handy parking, lovely place to go for something a little bit differnt from your normal cafe.

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