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Pizza Express, Pizza Restaurants in Belfast

  • 3.5/5 Stars
based on 11 reviews.
Pizza Express

(028) 90 329 050

25-27 Bedford Street
County Antrim
Northern Ireland

Mon12pm - 10pm
Tue-Wed12pm - 10:30pm
Thu-Sat12pm - 11pm
Sun12pm - 10pm

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    Reviews for Pizza Express, Belfast (11)

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    One of my Families fav’s.  it has however got a little grubby in the toilets of late. can do better.

    More importantly a fantastic meal and very good service.

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 2/5 stars.


    A personal favourite of mine, but the service has slipped of late. I’ve also noticed the Bruschetta recipe slightly for the worse, with less red onion and pesto.

    Usually very good with consistency and service, but they’ll need to try harder next time.

    *down thumb

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 3/5 stars.


    Went here mid week and was grand. Food is nice, always reliable and tasty. We were a bit put off by the really dusty stairs- they’re a spiral and on show so dust was a bit gross! Waiter also encroached on our personal space- lots of unnecessary touching. Also, he approached the table while we were still sorting the bill, we hadn’t finished so this was quite awkward.  Staff should be less overbearing.

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    Horrible. The pizza’s greasy and tasteless. The staff are rude. Avoid like the plague.

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 3/5 stars.


    Nice food well presented for a pizza place.  Reasonable pricing, got a chipped glass here once other than that it’s pretty spot on.

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    Visited here w/ my friend on Tuesday night as it’s our favourite place to dine, just before catching a movie!

    Served by a friendly American waitress (how could you fault the service!?!) Service was great!!! :) Will be back again, and again, and again! Pizza Express on Bedford Street is always a hit w/ me! :)

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    My fault for going on a Friday evening, but it was very busy and the guy on duty said it would take up to 45 minutes for food. We took a seat anyway and ordered. Starter arrived fairly quickly and the rest of the courses followed along nicely. We were on our dessert 66 minutes after sitting down - not too shabby.

    All in, friendly service, lovely food, especially my wife’s starter! Very noisy though, but a nice family crowd.

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    was delighfuly amazed at the flavours and standard of the food at this pizzeria. blows all other pizza places well out the window.

    sharing platter beautiful

    pizza delicious

    dessert to die for.

    cant wait to go back.

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    Pricey but nicey! Have been going there since it opened in Belfast around the same time I met my wife 13 years ago.  I recommend the Quatro Formaggi and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for pure comfort and satisfaction guaranteed.  The one on Bedford St doesn’t feel like a pizza chain either.  Lovely spiral stair case and wee nooks and crannies to hide in.  Waiters with a little skill and class too.  Recommended.

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 3/5 stars.


    I like it here…they are reliable and the staff are nice.  It’s been a consistent favourite of mine for years now.

    Pizza Express
    • Currently 4/5 stars.


    I visited this restaurant at lunchtime mid-week, 4 adults, one baby.

    A high-chair was supplied and the waitress was extremely friendly and accommodating without hovering.

    Apart from the authentic pizza, the nicest surprise was the fabulous Tiramisu!

    I’m only giving 4 stars, as it was a little pricey at £15 each.

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