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Ultra Pro Service, Electrical Appliances - Repairs and Parts in Newtownabbey

  • 2.9/5 Stars
based on 9 reviews.
Ultra Pro Service

(028) 90 364 694

Studio 3
Valley Business Centre
Church Road

County Antrim
BT36 7LS
Northern Ireland

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    Ultra Pro Service
    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    Stay well clear! Used them a few times, seemed like a decent enough company until I rang them and cancelled my agreement with them for the annual cleaning of a stove and oven. A few weeks later they direct debited the £120 annual fee anyway. When I contacted them they eventually reimbursed me. 1 year on and they have done the same thing - took the money from my account! When I contacted them they said the error was on my part for not cancelling with my bank??? When I pointed out that I only wanted my money back they said that they wouldnt and that they only refunded me last year as a good will gesture - HELLO??? My money not theirs and they hadn’t provided a service! I asked TANYA if she was refusing to return my money but she said she wasn’t refusing she was unwilling???? Absolutely disgraceful service, especially when so many people are struggling financially a company believes they can just take your money literally for nothing. Oh, I almost forgot TANYA actually said they could come out and clean the stove - no thank you TANYA,  I cancelked your service over a year ago. Now I am left in the position whereby I have to go down a legal route to get my hard earned money back!!! I am so shocked that companies actually think they can do this. GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!! Definitely would NOT recommend!

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    Management 24/02/14

    Dear Valued Customer,

    As we have previously stressed to you, both verbally and in writing, customer care is of utmost importance to us here at Ultraproservice Ltd, and we are of course aware of the above issue.

    We again invite you to please contact our offices on 028 90551776 or 028 90364694 as we are totally committed to resolving any worries or queries our customers may have, and would love to help.

    Kind Regards,

    The Ultrapro Senior Management Team

    Profile photo for caca caca 24/02/14

    Ultrapro Senior Management Team

    Why are you inviting me to contact you again when you are aware that I am now waiting on you to get back to me about refunding my money that you wrongly direct debited from my account for the last 6 days???? Have you misplaced my number? You assured me that you would be back in contact that day - as yet no call? Would you like me to elaborate more about the direct debit and the means by which it came about? I believe you received my letter by recorded delivery today - will you be giving me my money back now or are you still “unwilling”?????I will not be letting this matter go, your company is wrong and it is now a matter of principle. Give me back my money! :(

    Management 24/02/14

    Unfortunately, we are not able to discuss individual issues on a public forum but please be advised that we are completely aware of the correct details pertaining to your situation and committed to ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with our services.

    Best wishes

    Ultra Pro Service
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    we used this company and can only rave about the job done our oven looks like new .the engineer was fantastic .we will deffinatly. use again

    Ultra Pro Service
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    I recently had my oven cleaned by this company.i was so impressed by the job that was done and the results that I got my mother booked in to have hers done aswell.

    Ultra Pro Service
    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    This company specialises in sharp practices.  They cold called my mother asking did she want her oven cleaned.  She told them she already used an oven cleaning company but they told her that they had taken over all the oven cleaning in her area and her previous company had retired and that’s why they were ringing her.  Mum booked them because of this.  When they arrived they subjected my 75 year old mother to 20 minutes hard sell to sign up for a monthly direct debit of £10 per month or otherwise the clean would cost her £170 - to clean a single oven! She refused and the guy then said he had to ring his boss and report this.  His boss then came on the phone and argued with her for another 10 minutes.  Fortunately, my brother arrived to visit Mum and showed them the door.  I dread to think what would have happened if my brother hadn’t shown up.  Why would anyone hand over money to a company on a monthly basis when they might not even be in business six months later!

    To top it all my brother checked out the company Mum previously used and discovered they are still in business - it seems Ultra Pro have been deliberately misleading people on this front too!

    Avoid at all costs unless you like timeshare type salesmen!

    Comments (1)

    Management 02/07/12

    At ultrapro we treat all complaints received with the utmost care and attention. We would love to deal with the issues raised in your complaint directly. Please let me assure you our first and only priority is you, our customer. Without you we could not reach our goals, as a local company thriving to become a brand leader in our field. Please help us to help you further by contacting either Conor or Tanya on 02890364694

    Thank you


    Ultra Pro Service
    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    This company is a farce. I spent good money servicing my dyson only for it to peter out a few mths later. The parts were more expensive than advised, and I was told that it would,ent be as much if I signed for monthly direct debits. They were putting on the hard sell. I cancelled my DD over the phone that same day.I realised this month 19mths later that ,they had been taking 6.99 out of my account. Totaling £133. I rang them and they said that they were not told that I cancelled,and that they had rang me twice since to see if it still was ok.They never did, if they did I would stopped it as I had,ent even got the cleaner.


    Ultra Pro Service
    • Currently 2/5 stars.


    First let me say that the actual result this company do is good, however their operating practises leave much to be desired. First appointment booked the engineer never turned up. No phone call, so I called them the next day another time booked and the night before had a phone call to say that I had been double booked and would have to take another time. Engineer turned up serviced my Dyson and put the hard sell on. He tried everything to get me to committ to a monthly payment scheme. Wanted to sell extra parts and when I requested the basic filter he fitted a more expensive one charging me more. After not giving in to alot of badgering to sign up I booked my oven to be cleaned. The appointment was for 28 Mar the engineer turned up at my door 28 Feb even though the appointment was written by the engineer on my receipt from the first visit. I was away so my husband let him in not realising the error. He cleaned the oven and then told my husband the hob needed doing. So instead of costing me £39.99 it cost me £90.00. Again pressure to sign up to the monthly scheme with reason being that it will cost you much more if you don’t sign. If you are prepared to cope with the hassle and incompetancy then the finished result is acceptable but you have to be on your sharpessed wit if you don’t want to end up paying more than advertised. Avoid is the word that comes to mind until their operating practises greatly improve.

    Ultra Pro Service
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    Recently has my dyson serviced by ultrapro and am more then impressed by the results, my dyson is quite an old model and i was considering getting rid for a new one, so im very glad I paid £20 for this service as it is running like a brand new hoover and i have saved myself ££££, The engineer was friendly and on time, and the young girl who booked the call was very pleasant, am more then happy to have this local company back every year!

    Ultra Pro Service
    • Currently 5/5 stars.


    I’ve had my dyson cleaner serviced by this company for 2 years now and been really happy with both the young man who came to my home and the girl on the phone.Also had the same company out to clean my oven this week and now it’s like brand new!Really pleased and would definitely recommend.

    Great Local Company!

    Ultra Pro Service
    • Currently 1/5 stars.


    This company is a total joke From the initial requesting of an appointment to the on going saga of a dyson part.  They are unproffesional to the core.  They give you false promises and once in your home give you the hard sell of a monthly plan to ensure your dyson runs smooth for life.  They blame incompetent staff by name when you complain, they send crap old replacement machines to keep you happy!!!! delivered by a smelly dirty company representative.  They never call you back and when they do they still get your name wrong even though you might have just spoken with them or told them your name.  AVOID

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