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Alloy Wheels, Belfast
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

About 4 years ago

Good service, tab expensive, but know what they are talking about.

Jason Shankey, Belfast
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

About 4 years ago

Can’t see why this place is getting bad reviews, the staff are very friendly, talented at cutting / styling hair, and whats more you get offered tea / coffee or BEER with your haircut..

Love it.

Jimmy Browns, Belfast
  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

About 5 years ago

Really nice interior and staff seem friendly enough.

However a little disapointed in the food, for £9 I expected a bit more preparation put into my sweet chili panini, considering they don’t even put cheese in it! Coffee was good, just a little disapointed in the meal for a steep price. Had a sandwhich yesterday from ‘the street’ and have to say for £3.50 it was MUCH better.

Christmas Continental Market, Belfast
  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

About 5 years ago

This time of year again, seems like only 3months ago it was christmas.

Christmas market has to be tried.

Food, good to try the burgers (wild bore was fantastic) however the other food on offer (particularly frankfurters) was pretty poor, good variety but lacking quality, I suppose you cant as much really.

The beer tents are good and its nice to have a few pints of German beer, however the queues seem to be very busy, the seats in these places are terrible and you will probably end up standing, being pushed about and spilling your pint everywhere.

A closing time of 10pm was also a poor effort.

California Coffee Company, Belfast
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

About 5 years ago

Great menu. Very enjoyable. Food was served quickly, tasted great (Chicken Quesidillas) and the caramel laté was the bomb.

Only 1 thing could have been done better, the nachos that came with the meal should have melted cheese over them, but im nitpicking.

Apartment, Belfast
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

About 5 years ago

Have been a few times in the past 2 weeks for food and on a couple of nights out, where it has been all about the alcohol.

The food menu is a little limited although every dish sounds delightfully tasty. I can personally recommend the crispy sprind rolls and chicken tempura.

Food is prepared and cooked to a very high standard, even appearance wise, and service was extremely quick everytime I have been in. This is usually something I’d be a little wary of, in this case however the speed of service had no compromise on the quality of the food.

Drinks consist of a wide variety of worldwide cocktails, along with most common beers and custom cocktails / drinks made up no problem.

Service at the bar is top notch and the bar staff seem to be very knowledgeable.

Two of my favourite beers however where not served: Miller and Heineken.

Definately recommend for a lunchion, or drinks on a night out, or before you hit the clubs.

Odeon Cinema, Belfast
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

About 5 years ago

Get to the negatives first, vic square carpark is quite expensive!

Seating in the cinema is done by seat numbers, which is a big plus if you book early and get the best seats in the house.

Screens are all fairly large and cinema experience in terms of sound etc is fairly good, but aren’t they all?

Now to the imnportant part, the food!!

Nacho’s in odeon aren’t bad, although the cheese sauce lacks a bit from the likes of movie house standards.

Ben & Jerries in house is always favoured, cookie dough just goes so well with the average romcom these days.

All in all, good experience, and if you fancy a change from dublin road, try it out!

The Box, Belfast
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

About 5 years ago

Was there on Saturday night.

Good points:

- Very spacious, and extremely greasy, comfortable seating.

- Waitors come to you for drink orders and are usually very quick as serving.

- Glamorous entrance, makes you feel important.

- Good loud music played throughout

Bad points:

- Drinks are considerably more expensive and you cannot bring drinks in / out of this area.

- There was not many in the area, especially seeing as we were a group of 10 guys, nobody else to be seen in the VIP.

Overall, very swanky, speedy service, but you do pay the price (Beer £4 instead of £2.50).


If your going with a big crowd and want to have a little more conversation, good place to get into if you can.

If your only heading out with a couple of people, try to get into downstairs VIP for cheaper drink, better atmosphere and more people to socialise with.

The Box, Belfast
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

About 5 years ago

A strict door policy which as much as people complain, is a good call to keep certain trouble causer’s out.

Thursday nights are the best night to go, cheap drinks promotions from £2 a drink, usually both floors are open and it is a busy but fun atmosphere.

The only thing I would say is lacking is a propper smoking area. You just go outside the oddyssey pavillion at the front, there is no shelter from the rain / wind.


Food, money and greasin.


Being de-greased, rain, cold and mushrooms.

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