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Horatio Todd's, Belfast
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About 4 years ago

Took my mum this lunchtime for some food and we were both extremely disappointed for a number of reasons.

- Tried to sit us at a table across the back window where we would have been closer to the people at the next table than we were to each other. We had no desire to have our conversation heard by the tables next to so asked to move.

- My chips were not cooked through and I had to send them back. Came back properly cooked but whatever oil they used or potatoes they used, meant that the chips were still of very poor quality. Not nice…even my mum thought they weren’t good and she hates complaining. Basic mistake!

- My mums potato wedges were way over cooked and had obviously been left under hot plates for ages because they were soggy in the middle.

- My mum’s vegetables were so overcooked they were almost mush. Looked very poor and tasted worse. Obviously been made in a bit pot and just kept hot rather than making any fresh batches at any point.

- Chicken Tempura were more like chicken goujons as the batter was way too thick. They were ok and tasted fine (although I didn’t taste any ginger in the batter which it was supposed to be flavoured with). its just they were NOT tempura as that is supposed to be a very light batter.

- My americano coffee was very bitter, just not good coffee….my mum’s latte was filled up with COLD milk and was undrinkable but by this stage we were so disappointed we just got up and went elsewhere for a cup of coffee.

- WHen I went to the ladies, I mistakeningly went thorugh the doors for the baby changing instead of the toilets. And the state of the place out there was a HORROR…incredably untidy, storeroom type area looked dirty and messy. Didn’t see where you would change a baby but no way would I change a baby when I had to walk through that area. Absolutely appalling. If I would have known about that I would NEVER have ordered food.

Oh yeah…and our little green salad on the side of the plate had no dressing….and our coffees didnt come with a wee biscuit or chocolate…

Ok so the last 2 points are very minor but with everything else…ho hum..

As I said real shame as there is a need for a place with this sort of a menu in Ballyhack and I would have used frequently. But if you can’t do the basics right…

On a plus the staff were friendly….such a shame overall though…

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